We are really delighted to announce that we have four new Lifeguards who have recently joined our team!


Rupert Parkes who some of you may find has a familiar face? Rupert’s Brother Hugo worked for us for a number of years as a Swimming Instructor but sadly left to pursue a career in the police force. We were really pleased to hear from Rupert! Rupert is also a Level 2 Swimming Instructor! Rupert works at the Marlow Club keeping everyone safe on a Saturday afternoon!

Korrie Ford works at Heritage House on a Saturday morning. Korrie originally learned to swim with Dolphin Club many years ago and went on to swim competitively with Amersham Swimming Club! She is currently studying for her A levels.

Ollie Smare works at Heritage House on a Thursday and a Saturday afternoon. Ollie was a completive swimmer with Amersham Swimming Club but left that all behind him to take up Rugby which he really enjoys!

Nicholas Phillips works at Heritage House on a Monday. He enjoys swimming and keeping fit, as well as having an interest in Art, Ruby, Music, and Cycling!