I was really saddened to read an article in the paper yesterday explaining how a 2 year old boy had died on the first day of his holiday in Portugal having drowned in the swimming pool of the villa he was staying in with his parents and grandparents. His Mum and Grandma had gone shopping and the little one was left at the villa with Dad and Grandad when this tragedy happened – it takes just minutes.

We brought to your attention at the beginning of June National Water Safety Week and although some of the statistics available are quite shocking, we have to be aware of the dangers of water, even really shallow water. We also must remember that although young children may swim, and appear to be extremely confident they still are unaware of the dangers or their capabilities and that’s why we must be vigilant when our children are in the swimming pool or sea. Dave and I have spent many a summer holiday sitting around a swimming pool on holiday feeling on edge with all that is going on, in fact we end up acting like life guards!

We were on our honeymoon in Florida when one boy of about 10 years came running out of nowhere and dived into what was the shallow end and luckily only slightly concussed himself but Dave got him out of the pool and eventually found his parents.

On a brighter note! We have had feedback from parents, one little boy who got into difficulty in the sea and remembered that if he was unable to breath and was getting a little anxious to turn over and float on his back and managed to calm himself down until dad got to him.

One other occasion, a little boy was walking with his parents one evening by the swimming pool when he fell into the deep end (he was obviously fully clothed) and when he surfaced, he took a breath and swam to the edge of the pool. So if you are sitting on poolside wondering why we go over this, time and time again you know why!

Please be safe this summer!