Dave and I have always been passionate about marine life and it gives us great pleasure to advise that Dolphin Club has adopted the IIeach pod of Dolphins, (pronounced Eee-lich) and they live in the Inner Hebridean islands, offthe west coast of Scotland.

Look at these interesting facts –

  • In Britain, dolphins are thought to be resident most of the year in the Moray Firth (Scotland), Cardigan Bay (Wales) and off the coasts of Devon and Cornwall, around 40 Bottlenose dolphins live in the waters of the West coast of Scotland and around 15 more are found in and around the Outer Hebrides.
  • However dolphins are also distributed worldwide throughout tropical temperate waters, and oceanic waters.
  • Some populations of dolphins such as those in the Black Sea and Mediterranean are endangered.
  • There are 32 marine dolphin species in total. The rarest marine dolphin species is the Maui, only 111 are estimated to be left.

You can read some more information about them below and I will be keeping you up to date regarding their progress!

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