I have been fortunate enough to have been diving a few times, although a few times were in huge aquariums with sharks. Some of you may ask "why on earth...???" But I have always had a fear and fascination with these creatures and always find it exciting if not a little uneasy on the nerves…….

Then I thought it would be a great experience to take the team to experience a try dive (without sharks!) and as we, for one reason or another had not managed a get together last Christmas, thought a summer trip for those who were brave enough was a great idea! So last Sunday the 10th July, Sophie, Amber, Ed, Nicholas and I all went along to the Scubaducks Dive Centre in Aylesbury.

The centre has a heated indoor pool, which is really more of a tin can with no lid! It was circular and approximately 3m deep. It also had a classroom, a shop selling fins, masks, wet suits, etc, and a fully equipped service centre and air filling station. You can (if interested) take your Paddi qualification and they run numerous courses. They can also arrange diving holidays, which looked great!

The instructors were really professional and helpful and explained the principles of diving together with health and safety information! This in turn helped to make a fun experience. A very enjoyable memorable morning for us all!

I would like to share some photos with you. Just to explain as it is not quite easy to see what we were up to – golf ball and spoon balancing, throwing torpedoes and attempting to throw golf balls into a pot. Not sure why the pot is on my head though????