I have been very fortunate over the years to have met and taught some wonderful people who have come to Dolphin Club for help for a variety of reasons. I have nothing but total respect for those adults who for whatever reason have never learnt to swim or have a great fear of the water,  in taking that first step by contacting us.

On the other hand, we have excellent swimmers who come to us for assistance with maybe their breathing technique, stroke improvement, want to learn a new stroke, perhaps learn how to tumble turn or training for a Triathlon – the choice is endless!

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a few stories which I hope you will enjoy and maybe inspire you to learn to swim if this is something you have never done, or maybe improve your swimming for your general wellbeing.

Firstly, I would like to introduce you to Liz with the lovely smile.

Liz could swim a little when she first came along for lessons, but now she can swim front crawl and breast stroke and has improved so much that other Marlow members have commented on her progress which makes us both feel good!

Secondly, this is Mary:

Mary joined to overcome her water phobia, she was a non-swimmer and extremely nervous.  She overcame her problem with putting her face in the water and can now swim a little front crawl, breast stroke and back paddle.  She absolutely loves the water now!

Next, Pam (photo unavailable) joined unable to swim and had never had the courage to have lessons before.  Pam has been amazing and can now swim 50m front crawl and breast stroke and we are now improving technique and stamina. Pam now goes swimming with her daughter, which is fantastic as this is something she has never been able to do before.

Finally, let me introduce you to Lez and Doreen.

Both Lez and Doreen have been with Dolphin Club for a number of years and come weekly for not only their swimming lessons but a social, recreational session.  They have become good friends themselves, and of both mine and Annie and we sometimes go out for meal or the theatre together.

Those were just a few of the lovely adult community members that Dolphin Club supports at both the Marlow Club and Stoke Park.  

We are very proud of you all!