1. If you were a biscuit, what one would you be?
Chocolate digestive 


2. Where is your favourite type of food?
Fillet steak

3. What is your first memory of swimming?
When I was on holiday

4. When did you decide you wanted to become a Swimming Instructor?
Iā€™m not exactly sure when but I was pretty young!

5. Back Stroke or Butterfly?

6. What type of music do you like?
All sorts

7. What were your best subjects as school?
PE and Photography

8. What is your favourite film?
I have many but Matilda and Parent Trap are standing out!

9. Fish and chips or fine dining?
Fine dining

10. If you have one word to describe yourself what would it be?

11. What did you want to be when you were growing up?
A member of the Spice Girls or S Club 7!

12. Tea or Coffee?

13. Breast Stroke or Front Crawl?
Front Crawl

14. Open water or swimming pool?

15. Sweet or savoury?

16. What is your favourite colour?
Pink and blue

17. Name one food that you would never give up?
Maybe potatoes?

18. What star sign are you?

19. What was the last thing you took a photo of?
My rabbits

20. If you could be anyone who would it be?