Swimmer of the Month

We are delighted to announce that we are launching ‘Swimmer of the Month’ which will be a little award that will be given to the child (or adult!!!) that we feel has really improved, made real progress, been really brave in the water or has shown real determination!


Barnaby and Harry

Congratulations Barnaby and Harry on being our eighth Swimmer of the Month. 

They have worked really hard on improving their swimming strokes and made exceptional progress



Congratulations William on being our seventh Swimmer of the Month. 

William really enjoys his swimming lessons with Craig and has made real progress this term!

sheila and Colin.jpg


Congratulations to Colin who is a very worthy winner of our sixth Swimmer of the Month. 

Colin has worked really hard and his swimming technique and stamina have greatly improved.  Well done Colin and keep on improving!


Jasper and jacob

We are pleased to announce that Jasper and Jacob are our fifth Swimmers of the Month.  

Jasper and Jacob share a lesson and have been working so hard to improve their strokes and stamina.  They always show enthusiasm and commitment and are very worthy winners.   

We are looking forward to seeing even better swimming in the New Year!

Martha Williams.jpg


We are so pleased that Martha is our fourth Swimmer of the Month

Martha has been working really hard to improve all her swimming strokes and has also achieved her 100m distance award

Keep up the good work Martha!



We are pleased to announce that Ottilie is third featured Swimmer of the Month. Ottilie’s swimming has really improved and she swims on her front with big arms over and also on her back without any swimming aids.

What a star ☆



Our second ‘Swimmer of the Month’ is Tiarnan who was very apprehensive about swimming and putting his face into the water. However we can happily say that he has been very brave and is swimming a few strokes on his own and picking up sinkers under the water!

Way to go, Tiarnan!



Our first very worthy ‘Swimmer of the Month’ has been awarded to Jarrad who swims with us at The Marlow Club. Jarrad was very brave when he jumped in the swimming pool whilst on holiday to save his little brother when he fell in.

We wouldn’t advise everyone to just jump in the pool! Luckily, Jarrad’s first instinct was to help his brother which was very brave and shows he is a very special boy!