Terms and Conditions


Dolphin Club hires swimming pools from various different schools and health clubs and is therefore not directly responsible for pool maintenance.  Dolphin Club adheres to the regulations laid down by the letting facility for each pool and you will made aware of any that affect you as a customer

Parents are responsible for children in the changing area and any siblings spectating on poolside. 
Please read and familiarise yourselves with the pool rules of your particular venue, a copy can be e mailed to you upon request and also found at each venue.

At some of our venues there is a strict policy regarding same sex changing rooms and the age that a child must change in the appropriate changing room.  Please familiarise yourself of the changing room rules at your particular venue

Making a booking

When making a booking with Dolphin Club you are booking and committing to the full term or if you are joining after the start of the term the number of weeks remaining.

After making a verbal booking on to a swimming course you will receive a Registration form via e mail which you will be asked to complete and either e mail back or take with you to the pool on your first visit. This confirms the term length and dates and also the total cost of the course.  We accept the following methods of payment 

Payment directly into the bank or
Card payment if you phone the office

Your booking will not be confirmed until such time as your payment has been received and acknowledged.  To avoid any unnecessary embarrassment please do not turn up to your lesson if your swimming fees have not been paid as you will not be allowed to swim.

Trial Lessons

When a trial lesson is offered it is made with the proviso that the slot is available and if suitable must be taken up the following week

Renewing your Swimming Lessons

As a current customer with Dolphin Club you will be given the opportunity to renew your swimming lessons for the next term approx. 3 weeks before the end of the current term.  Your renewal notice will show a deadline date after which if your booking has not been renewed will show as an available slot to book

By booking on to the next course you are reserving a place on a course not a specific time and there may be occasions where your swimming time will change.  We will obviously try to keep your reallocated slot near to your current time but will contact you to discuss should we need you to change

Cancelled lessons

If for whatever reason Dolphin Club has to cancel a lesson you will be entitled to a credit to the value of that lesson.    All credits will be carried over to the next term and will be shown as a credit off your fees.  

Dolphin Club will not issue any credits or refunds due to the weather i.e. snow, if the venue that you are booked onto is open and fully staffed.  Dolphin Club will also not issue any credits if you are unable to attend a lesson for whatever reason.


Cancellation Policy to stop your swimming lessons

One to One Lessons

Dolphin Swimming Club must be notified a minimum of 24 hours in advance and then a credit will be given for that particular lesson

Group lessons

Should you wish to cancel your lessons once the term has started the cancellation request must be made in writing.  All refunds will be paid directly into your bank account at the end of the month the request was made and a £20.00 administration fee will apply regardless of circumstances.


No credits or refunds will be given should your child be unable to attend a lesson due to sickness

Any child who has suffered with diarrhoea or sickness must not attend a class until at least 2 full days after the condition has cleared

Any child that has suffered with chicken pox, measles etc must not attend a class until all the scabbed areas are clear.


Please note that no photography or filming of video clips is permitted on poolside without the express permission of the Instructor in charge and consent from all other parents in attendance (this includes any camera, mobile phone, tablets etc) Any photographs or video clips that are allowed to be taken are for personal use only and should not be shared on any social networking sites.